Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017


Keukenhof? Dreamy!!

Hi! Meet again with me Casey!
In this blog i will give you a video about my dream place with my friend, Sonya!
What is my dream place? It's Keukenhof that located in Netherland!

This is my drawing of Keukenhof  

I know its not that good but i tried):  

Image result for keukenhof
 This is the real Keukenhof

Yes i know mine is bad.

So this is the video, enjoy and don't forget to like!!

Rabu, 30 Agustus 2017

What will we do next holiday?

Holiday? Sure!

One day, i felt bored, so i decided to go to the park. I walked around and tried to find something interesting to do. It was just an ordinary day. I saw some kids that were playing around happily, a girl with her dog and a grandma that just sitting at the park. I was bored again until someone touched my shoulder.

?????? : "Hi!"
Casey : "Waa you surprised me! Hi, Sonya! "
Sonya : "Hehe, What's up Casey?"
Casey : "Good, How about you? Looks like I've never seen you lately."
Sonya : "I'm good. I just too busy lately. You know? Homework."
Casey : "Yes, I got so many of them too!"
Sonya : "It's tiring right, I wish that time goes fast."
Casey : "Why?"
Sonya : "So that I can go holiday!"
Casey : "Oh right! I almost forgot about it! I can't wait for it!"
Sonya : "How can you forgot a very important thing! Haha'"
Casey : "Yes omg, maybe because I overthink about my homework."
Sonya : "Yes! You know? We NEED some rest and of course, holiday."
Casey : "Hahaha i agree with you, Sonya."
????? : "Talking about holiday? Count me in!"
Sonya : "Well Hi, Qunta!"
Casey : "Come and join us, Qunta!"
Qunta : "Sure!"
Casey : "So, What will you guys do next holiday?"
Sonya : "I'm planning on a trip to Bunaken."
Qunta : "Wow, really? i really want to go there too!"
Sonya : "Yes! How about you Qunta? What will you do?
Qunta : "I will go travel around Bandung to find some idea for my books."
Casey : "Oh right, you are a writer now, aren't you?"
Sonya : "That is super duper GREAT!!"
Qunta : "Ah, come on guys you make me embarrassed."
Casey : "But it is indeed amazing Qunta! Let me be your first reader!"
Sonya : "Me too! Let me be the second!"
Qunta : "Of course guys." 
Sonya : "Hey Casey you haven't tell us about your plan!"
Casey : "Oh right, I think I will go to Paris."
Sonya : " WHAT?!"
Qunta : "REALLY?!"
Casey : "I don't know. It's only my family's plan."
Sonya : "I envy you!"
Qunta : "Oh come on Sonya, Bunaken is great too. I envy you both!"
Casey : "Oh come on Qunta, we can't write some great books like you!"
All : "hahahahah"
Casey : " So with whom will you guys go? And how will you go there?"
Sonya : "My big family! I think we will go there by plane and rental 4 cars."
Qunta : "And I think I will go with my friend, because he really love travelling. And bicycle sounds good."
Casey : "Oh my God, I really want to join you Qunta!"
Sonya : "Yes me too!"
Qunta : "Then why don't you guys join me before you go holiday with you family?"
Casey : "We can?"
Qunta : "Sure!"
Sonya : "Yeay!"
Casey : "So then we will travel around Bandung with bicycle when the holiday come, right?
Sonya : "Right! I will tell my mom."
Qunta : "Well guys, save that for later, How about your homework?"
Casey : "Ah right, I almost forgot! See you guys then!"
Sonya : "Bye!"
Qunta : "Bye!"

Then all of us come back home because of one thing. Homework.

Unforgettable Moment

Met An Angel

Now i will tell you about my unforgottable moment in my life. This incident happened a year ago.

Year ago, when I was in my 9th grade, i attend some English course at TBI with 3 of my friends. It was on Wednesday. My school ended up sooner than the others day because the teachers had to do some meeting. It ended up at 11 a.m. And my course started at 3 p.m. So, because me and my friends didn't know where to wait for our course, we decided to play at one of my friend home that didn't attend the same course like us. We played there for about 3 hours and half. 
At 2.30 p.m. we were so hungry so we decided to order some food. When the food had arrived, it was already 2.45 p.m. so me and one of my friend decided to go to our course and eat there. But two others decided to stay there and eat.

When I arrived at TBI, I rushly ran to my class because I had a test. Finally in my class, I remembered something. My phone. I left it behind at my friend's home. I quickly borrowed my classmate's phone, and started texting 2 of my friends that still in my friend's home and about to go to TBI. But none of them were replying. So I just prayed that they would take my phone and give it back to me after the class. Then I started my test.

At 4 p.m. when all of the class already over, I ran to my friends's class and asked about my phone. And the result was zero. None of them took it, and even my text that I sent with my friend's phone. I started to panick. And one by one, all of my friends gone home. And I didn't know where to go. I though that my uncle will pick me up by 4.30 p.m. but he didn't appear.

It was already 5 p.m. and i hadnt gone home yet. I tried to borrow some phone to order online taxi, but I knew no one. I was a new student. So I tried to borrow the security's phone, but he didn't have any online taxi's application. I wanted to use 'angkot' or public transport but I didn't have money left. So I just sat down and prayed that maybe some miracle would come.

After I waited for a quite long time, someone was approaching me. And she was Mrs. Intan! She was one of my teachers back then. She asked me whats wrong because I look sad. I explained to her. Then she rushly ran to her room, and back with her phone. Then she asked me where do I live. I answered her and asked her for what. And guess what? She ordered a online taxi for me! I was so happy back then. She really looked like an angel in that time. She even used her E-pay for me so that I didn't have to pay. She smiled to me and told me that everythings gonna be alright. Even her smile looked like Aphrodyte's smile back then! I hugged her and thanked her. Then finally I went back home.

That was my unforgettable moment for me. Until now, I never forget Mrs. Intan and all she did for me. Without her back then, maybe I will be there until late night and miss all of my homeworks! If I ever meet her again, I will say my thanks to her again.

Thats all my story. Bye!!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Beach's Cutie Friend!

fIn one fine dusk, I was walking around at beach. I really love beach so I often come here. I always adoring the beauty of beach, the sound of waves and the soft whisper of wind. When I was busy adoring the beach, suddenly someone bumped into me.

Vicky : "Oh my god, I am so sorryy!"
Casey : "Ohh no problem!"
Vicky :  "Ah I think i often saw you near hear."
Casey : "Well I live nearby hehe."
Vicky : "Then we should be friend!!"
Casey : "Of course, why not?"
Vicky : "My name is Vicky, you can call me Vicky. What is your name?"
Casey : "My name is Casey, Nice to meet you Vick!!"
Vicky : "Nice to meet you too!"
Casey : "You look so cute Vick! I love your style."
Vicky : "Thanks! you look awsome too!"
Casey : "So you live here?"
Vicky : "Yes, in Shell Street. How about you?"
Casey : " I live in Pearl Street."
Vicky : "Where do you come from? You dont look like you are from here."
Casey : "Yes, I am from Indonesia. Do you know it?"
Vicky : " Oh yes I know! The one that has batik right?"
Casey : " Yup you are right! By the way how old are you?"
Vicky : " I am 15, how about you?"
Casey : " Same!"
Vicky : " Good! We really have to be friend!"
Casey : " You are right."
Vicky : " So you love beach? "
Casey : " Yess, Beach is so beautiful!"
Vicky : " Me too! I really like it if I find some pretty shell here."
Casey : " Oh I collect it too! You should come to my house and see my collection!"
Vicky : " I would love to! "
Casey : " Look the sun already set. "
Vicky : " Beautiful isn't it? "
Casey : " Yup. And sadly it is the time for me to go home."
Vicky : " Well, see you later theb! jye!
Casey : " Bye. "

Then both of me and Vicky came home. After that I became friend with her and always sepnd our time together.

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

It's All About Me!

Hi! Cute Casey Here!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Casey Brenarizkita. You can call me Casey or Cute Casey hihi. This is my first blog and now i'll tell you all about me!

I was born in Jakarta, December 15th. I am 15 now. I am in High School now and i am happy about it! And what makes me happier is that i am a 3 High School Bandung's student! I am so proud of myself lol.

There are 4 person in my family, My mom, dad and my elder brother. My elder brother is also a high school student but in 7 High School. My dad live in Tangerang because of job. And I live with my mom and brother in Bandung.

My goal is to be a Doctor! So in this school i hope that i can do my best, study better, be more diligent, improve my knowledge and character and of course be a better person! And i hope that i will be invited to FK UNPAD. Aamiin.

Now i'll tell you about the things i like. I love food. Don't complain but i really do love food. Maybe that's why i cant lose my weight:(. but YOLO! So i eat whatever i want! I love singing. Maybe my voice isnt the best voice but i really enjoy singing! Whenever im sad or happy, i sing! My favorite genre of song is pop. But i really love Disney's song! Because after all, being a Princess is my goal when i was a child lol. My favorite singer are Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly and my mom lol. She may not a singer, but i love her voice so much! She really loves singing and her voice is so powerful! I hope that i also have courage to let go my voice like my mom did.

I love reading too! My favorite author/writer is Ilana Tan. But i also love Rachel Hawkins and her fantasy book. I love romance and fantasy books. Fantasy book makes me imagine myself to be 1 of the character that have super power! And i love every fictional things in fantasy book. Like unicorn, mermaid, fairy, phoenix, pegasus and everything! I really wish i can adopt a Unicorn:(. I romance book i can feel myself to be the main character that loved by everyone. I also like watching movie.

Maybe thats all i can tell you now. I still have a lot things to tell you. Well maybe in other time