Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Beach's Cutie Friend!

fIn one fine dusk, I was walking around at beach. I really love beach so I often come here. I always adoring the beauty of beach, the sound of waves and the soft whisper of wind. When I was busy adoring the beach, suddenly someone bumped into me.

Vicky : "Oh my god, I am so sorryy!"
Casey : "Ohh no problem!"
Vicky :  "Ah I think i often saw you near hear."
Casey : "Well I live nearby hehe."
Vicky : "Then we should be friend!!"
Casey : "Of course, why not?"
Vicky : "My name is Vicky, you can call me Vicky. What is your name?"
Casey : "My name is Casey, Nice to meet you Vick!!"
Vicky : "Nice to meet you too!"
Casey : "You look so cute Vick! I love your style."
Vicky : "Thanks! you look awsome too!"
Casey : "So you live here?"
Vicky : "Yes, in Shell Street. How about you?"
Casey : " I live in Pearl Street."
Vicky : "Where do you come from? You dont look like you are from here."
Casey : "Yes, I am from Indonesia. Do you know it?"
Vicky : " Oh yes I know! The one that has batik right?"
Casey : " Yup you are right! By the way how old are you?"
Vicky : " I am 15, how about you?"
Casey : " Same!"
Vicky : " Good! We really have to be friend!"
Casey : " You are right."
Vicky : " So you love beach? "
Casey : " Yess, Beach is so beautiful!"
Vicky : " Me too! I really like it if I find some pretty shell here."
Casey : " Oh I collect it too! You should come to my house and see my collection!"
Vicky : " I would love to! "
Casey : " Look the sun already set. "
Vicky : " Beautiful isn't it? "
Casey : " Yup. And sadly it is the time for me to go home."
Vicky : " Well, see you later theb! jye!
Casey : " Bye. "

Then both of me and Vicky came home. After that I became friend with her and always sepnd our time together.

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

It's All About Me!

Hi! Cute Casey Here!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Casey Brenarizkita. You can call me Casey or Cute Casey hihi. This is my first blog and now i'll tell you all about me!

I was born in Jakarta, December 15th. I am 15 now. I am in High School now and i am happy about it! And what makes me happier is that i am a 3 High School Bandung's student! I am so proud of myself lol.

There are 4 person in my family, My mom, dad and my elder brother. My elder brother is also a high school student but in 7 High School. My dad live in Tangerang because of job. And I live with my mom and brother in Bandung.

My goal is to be a Doctor! So in this school i hope that i can do my best, study better, be more diligent, improve my knowledge and character and of course be a better person! And i hope that i will be invited to FK UNPAD. Aamiin.

Now i'll tell you about the things i like. I love food. Don't complain but i really do love food. Maybe that's why i cant lose my weight:(. but YOLO! So i eat whatever i want! I love singing. Maybe my voice isnt the best voice but i really enjoy singing! Whenever im sad or happy, i sing! My favorite genre of song is pop. But i really love Disney's song! Because after all, being a Princess is my goal when i was a child lol. My favorite singer are Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly and my mom lol. She may not a singer, but i love her voice so much! She really loves singing and her voice is so powerful! I hope that i also have courage to let go my voice like my mom did.

I love reading too! My favorite author/writer is Ilana Tan. But i also love Rachel Hawkins and her fantasy book. I love romance and fantasy books. Fantasy book makes me imagine myself to be 1 of the character that have super power! And i love every fictional things in fantasy book. Like unicorn, mermaid, fairy, phoenix, pegasus and everything! I really wish i can adopt a Unicorn:(. I romance book i can feel myself to be the main character that loved by everyone. I also like watching movie.

Maybe thats all i can tell you now. I still have a lot things to tell you. Well maybe in other time